System Normalizer & Designer

Software Refactoring System Rework Product Redesign Project Speedup

A Natural Late-Achiever...

No academic backround, no CV, no references.

Trying to split the very short life-time between "Extracting the Essence of Orthonomy" and "Applying Othonomy tο Create Real Civilization".

Picture of me in my home-town in Greece, proof-reading


Consumer/Industrial Electronics

90s: Several projects re industrial and consumer electronics, from design-idea to production. Mostly solo, rarely as team. Schematics and PCB design, firmware and test-software development. 8051 and ARM Risc Architecture.

C / C++ / ASM / Verilog / 8051 / ARM Risc / Schematics / PCB / CPLD

Orthonomy (Ορθονομία)

Since 2001, I am mainly focused on extracting/creating a methodology to restrict the influence of the negative human traits - or simple: to find a way to achieve real civilization. Preliminary result is a preprint (Ορθονομία 2014).

OSS Projects / Village / Small Town / Methodology / Authoring

Free Work Sample

I can assist you to unstuck or speedup your Software Projects, with a no-nonsense method which brings results from day one.

The necessary rework affects website, docs, project, code and sometimes hardware. It enhances UX/DX/CX (User/Developer/Contributor-Experience) and Efficiency.

Just send an email with the system in question in order to get the first results for free. An ideal starting-point would be a product website or a code-repository.